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Why Orange County is a great place to live

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I could probably come up with 100 reasons why Orange County is a great place to live, but I’ll stick to the top 5.

1. Orange County has a number of desirable, diverse communities.
There really is a city for anyone within Orange County. Love downtown city life? Try Santa Ana. Want something sleepy and suburban? Laguna Niguel could be your home. Craving a laid-back beach neighborhood? Visit San Clemente. Need to be in the hills, away from it all? Check out Trabuco Canyon.

2. There are all kinds of homes.
Craftsman-style cottages, hillside estates, expansive ranchers, Spanish-style abodes, modern oceanfront mansions, 1950’s beach homes, trendy condos, cozy townhomes–we’ve got it all.

3. You will never be bored.
My wife and I always say that we’re overwhelmed with the number of things to do. On any given weekend, you can try surfing or paddle boarding, see whales out on a boat, ride bike trails for miles, hike in the hills–you name it. You won’t have to go far for farmer’s markets, concerts in parks, and other community events. Plus, Orange County has some of the best restaurants in California, in addition to shopping centers like Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza, museums, theaters, and sports venues (Go Angels!).

4. The schools are great. 
Orange County boasts a number of schools that are ranked 9 or 10. There are wonderful community colleges, state colleges, and universities in Orange County, too.

5. One word: Weather.
I always say the climate here has spoiled me. I’m not sure I could live anywhere else after living here. Most days are sunny, so the occasional rainy day in winter is actually nice. Most outdoor activities can be done any time of the year. That’s not true for very many places!