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Dana Point harbor revitalization

Here’s an update on the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Project :

We’re already seeing some improvements being made to our beloved Dana Point Harbor.
Check out this 3-minute video on the proposed future state of Dana Point Harbor.

According to an article published in the Orange County Register, 3 firms are being interviewed, design proposals have been submitted, and final design plans will be reviewed this month. Under the proposed public-private partnership, a developer would design, fund and build the proposed improvements, then operate those portions of the harbor over a 50-year lease, before returning the improved property back to the county.

County officials say reconstruction of the area’s main retail center will be completed first, and the harbor should be fully restored within a decade. In the meantime, the county has begun work along Dana Point Harbor Drive, which encircles most of the harbor’s land side, adding light signals and extra lanes in preparation for the larger project.

In January, OC Public Works will start putting new facades on buildings on the wharf to keep them solid until the actual project begins. For more information on the revitalization project, visit www.ocdph.com/revitalization.

Also, check out the most recent concepts around the Doheny Village Renovations here.

Save Dana Point: About the 2015 Town Center Initiative

If you currently live in Dana Point (or visit often), you’re probably aware of the significant revitalization project going on, designed to bring a lot of great improvements to the Lantern District and Doheny Village. You may have also started seeing “Save Dana Point” signs on residents’ lawns, put there in protest of some changes to the approved plans for the project.

save dana point

Here’s a summary of what’s going on:

The Town Center Plan originally describes a pedestrian-friendly retail district with shops and restaurants appealing to residents and visitors. It portrays a small-town village atmosphere consistent with Dana Point’s beach community and lifestyle.

Enter the Majestic Development, which was hastily approved by the newly appointed City Council in October 2014. It’s a 109-unit condominium complex with a variance allowing for 4 stories (the original Plan allowed for a maximum of 3). Going forward with this development will effectively eliminate tons of public parking and other amenities that are essential to maintaining the vibrant downtown retail area that was promised with the Town Center Plan. With the Majestic Development, the area will gain 3,700 new residents, causing more congestion on streets and even more parking problems.

I, for one, appreciate the uniqueness of Dana Point’s downtown areas and do not want to turn Dana Point into another Huntington Beach, Redondo Beach, or Anaheim. Those of us who chose to live here did so because it’s not as hectic as those places.

Support the 2015 Town Center Initiative
save dana point 2

PrintIf the 2015 Town Center Initiative is passed, it will direct City leaders to insist that new developments in the Town Center (Lantern District) adhere to the requirements of the approved Town Center Plan, which promoted the creation of a vibrant retail and restaurant district, not a housing development.

I’ve already signed the initiative and if you support it, you should too. We need a certain number of signatures to get this on the ballot quickly.

>> Learn more and sign the initiative

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I’ll be volunteering my time for this cause and would love to have company!